Dienstag, Juli 10, 2007

Wooden Windows EP Release

On Friday, 13 July 2007 Lady Bloody Mary´s "Wooden Windows" EP, forerunner of the concept album "unzweins" (Publication in 2007) will be released.
We present (especially for Multimedia-Junkies): the "Wooden Windows" Microsite (Flash-Card) with Teaser Trailer and audiovisual content on www.unzweins.com.

From 13 July on the "Wooden Windows" EP for first exclusively will be available in subSTORE for 8,99 € - and already can be ordered THERE!
If you have any questions, please send a message!

On the "Wooden Windows" EP Lady Bloody Mary presents three songs from the upcoming album "unzweins". In addition there are Industrial Dance Mixes of "Wooden Windows" from subHUMAN, the Wooden Video, a Trailer for the experimental shortfilm "unzweins", pictures, wallpaper...
The "Wooden Windows" EP has a large, coloured cover and an 8-page-black/white-booklet in a DVD case as special edition.

So hurry up and grap your exemplar of this rare piece of Art!

Wooden Windows (Album Version)
Middlefinger Opera
Wooden Windows (subHUMAN Club Mix)
Wooden Windows (subHUMAN Radio Mix)
Wooden Windows (Zombie Shit Mix)

Wooden Windows (Video)
Flash Foto Galerie
"unzweins" Video Trailer


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