Mittwoch, Dezember 20, 2006


Maria Mann´s Artshop
offers new T-Shirts! Check in and read more about it!
You can also send a MAIL for individual requests.

Sonntag, Dezember 03, 2006

Untold Stories

Lilya Corneli exhibits early work and collaboration work with Maria Mann.
Opening is 8 December, 19:00.
Gallery T Studio, Vlasska 13/591, 118 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic.

More information HERE!

Mooncruise Vol 2

Photo project "CIRCUS" of Maria Mann, Lilya Corneli and Lady Bloody Mary is shown in black/white in the current version Volume 2 of the online-magazine

Mittwoch, November 29, 2006

La Nuit Obscure

Maria Mann, photographed by Lilya Corneli, on the new Flyer of the event series "La Nuit Obscure" of the Top Act in Zapfendorf (near Bayreuth/Bavaria). More information, print and downloadversions of the Flyer on !

Mittwoch, November 08, 2006


The Shortfilm UNZWEINS will be released beginning of 2007 in the context of the upcoming album of Lady Bloody Mary.

Now you have the chance to see the experimental work on different screens before its official release!
It will be shown at the Diessener Filmfestival and as we proudly announce:
At the NON STOP SHORT FILM FESTIVAL in K4/ex KOMM in Nürnberg in the night from 10 to 11 November. 24 hours shortfilms nonstop.
This event ends with an audience-prize and the "Filmbüro Franken Förderpreis".

More information on:

Sonntag, Oktober 29, 2006


New collaboration work of Maria Mann, Lady Bloody Mary
and Lilya Corneli in Circus Werona, Hamburg.
The beautiful hats are from Fiona Bennett, Berlin.
Soon more photos on here!

Maria Mann: Make-Up, Costumes, Model
Lady Bloody Mary: Model
Lilya Corneli: Photography

Freitag, Oktober 27, 2006

Elmshorner Nachrichten + Concert-Reviews

Maria Mann in "Elmshorner Nachrichten" from 28 September 2006.
Article from Melanie Haack about people and the music they want to be played on their funeral.
Have fun!

Furthermore Maria Mann and Melanie Haack visited the concerts of Dope Stars Inc. and ASP on Sunday, 22 October in Markthalle, Hamburg and wrote concert reviews with photos for, which you can read HERE!

ФОТОFUSION Group Exhibition II

The FОТОFUSION Group Exhibition of the photography magazine Masterskaya Digital Photo, published by Mediasign and curated by Katya Rykova, moves from Moscow to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Opening is October 27 - 18:00 o´clock at International Guild of Masters, 64 Marata Street.
The exhibition is co-sponsored by HP and Adobe and you can visit it daily from October 28 till November 3.
As last time there are shown early works of Lilya Corneli and works of the collaboration with Maria Mann.

More information about the exhibition HERE!
Who doesn´t understand russian, please contact me.

Montag, Oktober 23, 2006


Another publishing of Maria Mann and Lilya Corneli´s work in the issue 10 of the chinese magazine "Expression".
Have a look at the online version and order a printed version there.


Fairy Tales project of Maria Mann, Lilya Corneli and Maria Kapajeva in the estonian photo magazine "Cheese" with cover and comprehensive article!

Freitag, Oktober 20, 2006

Diessener Kurzfilmfestival 2006

We proudly announce, that the shortfilm "unzweins" of Maria Mann and Marco Reinbold (Headhole Productions) is nominated at the shortmoves-festival in "Diessen am Ammersee" near Munich. The festival will take place from 8-11 November. Ending with the big "film ball". The both film-makers will personally take part at the whole event.
More information and program on the website of the
"Diessener Kurzfilmfestival "!

Visit beautiful Diessen, enjoy the festival and vote for UNZWEINS!!!

Dienstag, September 26, 2006


Another publishing of Maria Mann and Lilya Corneli´s work in the issue 9 of the chinese magazine "Expression".
Have a look at the online version and order a printed version there.

Montag, September 18, 2006


Begin of 8th Semester „Illustration“ at
University for Applied Sciences,
"HAW Gestaltung",

A series of surreal puppet illustrations is in production and also new primitive/naive works about current events in daily newspapers.
Soon more on here!

Donnerstag, September 14, 2006


"HEADHOLE productions"
is the fusion of the artists
Maria Mann and Marco S. Reinbold aka Lady Bloody Mary.

This collaboration is about production of Film, Trickfilm, Stop-Motion, Animation & VideoART,
from initial development to distribution (Script/Screenplay/Storyboard, Direction, Photography, Make-Up & Costume, Cut/Editing, VFX, Music Score, Sound Editing/FX, Marketing/Exhibition).

Check out the brandnew Myspace Profile for more detailled information:

Freitag, September 08, 2006

ФОТОFUSION Group Exhibition

The ФОТОFUSION Group Exhibition takes place from September 15-29 at the Gallery of Arts in the House of F.I.Shalyapin Museum, Novinsky Boulevard 25, Moscow, Russia.

Lilya Corneli exhibits early works and some of our collaboration.

Other artists who take part are Bogdan Prystrom, Bogdan Zwir, Dou, Katerina Belkina, Ira Bordo, Darren Holmes, Aleksey Ezhov, Sergey Gordeev, Spooner, Eugen Shaman.

More information about the exhibition HERE!


Fine Art Foto, Germany (2006, #3 issue, July, August, September)
Cover and Article about Lilya Corneli.
Including two photos of our collaboration.

Montag, September 04, 2006


of Maria Mann, Lilya Corneli and Maria Kapajeva in the estonian fashion magazine AVENUU
Click on the images for a bigger view!

Dienstag, August 29, 2006


This photo is part of the photo project "FAIRY TALES".
It is a collaboration of Maria Mann, Lilya Corneli and Maria Kapajeva.
The hats are from the great designer Fiona Bennett (Berlin).

Several fairy tales like "Blue Beard, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Puss In Boots" were visualized together with the models Simone Amores , Monika Heinrich and Lady Bloody Mary .

Lilya Corneli and Maria Kapajeva did the photographing and Lilya the post processing.

Maria Mann, beside being part of the images themselves, managed and created the Make Up, some Accessoires and most of the Costumes.

See more of the series by clicking on the IMAGE!

Donnerstag, August 24, 2006


MARIA MANN´s ARTSHOP opens its "doors" today!
Welcome to everybody!!!

Available are different kind of work like Objects (Dolls, Accessoires),
Prints (Photo, Drawing, Painting) and Textile (T-Shirts, Long Sleeves).

The sortiment of the shop will constantly expand, so stop by from time to time for further development.

Sonntag, August 06, 2006


Another publication of Maria Mann and Lilya Corneli in the august-issue of the italian photo-magazine IL FOTOGRAFO
By clicking on the cover-image you can view the whole article.

Montag, Juli 24, 2006


Maria Mann, Lady Bloody Mary & Lilya Corneli at the chinese magazine EXPRESSION Issue 08
with cover and article.

Check out the online-version by clicking on the image to the left!

Furthermore you can order a printed version there.

Montag, Juni 26, 2006

Exhibition in Bobbio, Italy

Lilya and I are taking part in an exhibition of photographic works by artists from all over the world in Bobbio, Italy, July 16 - 30, 2006.
Klick on the left image for more information and to view our two photo-series.

Sonntag, Juni 25, 2006


End of 7th Semester „Illustration“ at University for Applied Sciences
HAW Gestaltung , Hamburg.


The big opening is on Tuesday, 4th July 2006, 19:00/7pm
in the auditorium (first floor) with speech of the steering committee,
Armgartstraße 24, 22087 Hamburg

Visit the exhibition in our both buildings:
Wartenau 15 (Illustration, Film and Trickfilm, Typography, Drawing, Colour and Form, Print Technology),
Armgartstraße 24 (Photography, Drawing, Communications Design, Fashion and Costume Design, Film, Colour and Form)
From Wednesday, 5th until Friday, 7th: 13:00/1pm - 21:00/9pm
and on Saturday, 8th 13:00/1pm - 18:00/6pm

For more detailled information please contact me!

Samstag, Juni 10, 2006


*** Finally online: Visual Limbogott Experiment from 8 January 2006: Also check out, they fuckin´rock!!!

*** Check out: Photo-Gallery with Lilya Corneli in 3 pages!

*** And you can finally download my Banner:

Freitag, Juni 09, 2006

Wind and Rain

Photo Series "Wind and Rain" with Lilya Corneli. Soon more of it here!

Also have a look at Lilya´s Life-Journal!

Sonntag, Mai 21, 2006

More spring news!

Awarded for "photo of the week" and "photo of the day" at the International Photographers Community Photo Points
Look at it HERE!
(Collaboration work with

Mittwoch, Mai 17, 2006


During this long time of silence it wasn´t silent at all.
Whole April until now, Lady Bloody Mary and I were working on the Artwork of the upcoming album "unzweins".
This album soon will be released with an Artwork portfolio, a great design of CD and booklet and a filmlet which introduces a series of short films.
Here you can watch the Trailer!

Soon will come more information and images, so keep watching, get my newsletter or Podcast with RSS Feed and XML (the buttons on the right side) - an information service which comes directly to your computer!

Mittwoch, Februar 15, 2006

March 2006
My and Lilya Corneli´s first cover on a russian photo magazine with portfolio on CD-Rom and interview inside!

17 March 2006
After a long time of waiting and endless patience, the first version of my Website "" is FINALLY online!
I want to thank my Webmaster Conductor Mary , who realized and enriched my ideas so fast and effective.
It was a pleasure to work together on this.

12 March 2006
Photosession with Lilya Corneli:
"Lady in Red"

06 March 2006
Begin of 7th Semester "Illustration" until July 2006 at the University for Applied Sciences, "HAW Gestaltung", Hamburg.

February 2006
End of 6th Semester at the University for Applied Sciences, "HAW Gestaltung", Hamburg and one month "holidays".

New works of photography with Lilya Corneli.

Longer stay in inspiring city Berlin:
Working together with Conductor Mary on new concepts, visual material and filmmusic.

January 2006
New works of photography with Lilya Corneli -

December 2005
Photo-Series in the mountains of Bavaria (Berchtesgaden/Neuhäusl)

23 November 2005
Second crazy and provoking Performance
with "Lady Bloody Mary" in Magnet Club (Berlin)
as Support Act and Special Guest
for the irish Dark-Rock-Combo "LLuther" (Universal/Tiefdruck).

18 November 2005
First scandalously Performance
with "Lady Bloody Mary" in Dresden -

November 2005
ILLUSTRATION for Uniform-Party, Hamburg.

October 2005
Start of a very promising, deep collaboration and friendship with the photographer Lilya Corneli, Hamburg -

19 September 2005
Begin of 6th Semester „Illustration“ until February 2006 at the University for Applied Sciences, "HAW Gestaltung", Hamburg

03 September 2005
Model at the Fetish-event "WHITE LOUNGE".
I created a special "MUMMY" Outfit and MakeUp for me and my friend Jenny.

September 2005
Start of a new and very multi-face(tte)d, artistically fundamental collaboration with the Artist Conductor Mary (Berlin).
A creative exchange of work in a symbiotic relation.
Im part and left hand for his audiovisual art-project "Lady Bloody Mary" in complex ways: As a Performer, Costume- Stage- and MakeUp-Designer, Photographer, Model, Designer, Illustrator,
Film-Maker and much more.

15-16 August 2005
Photosession with Thomas van de Scheck in Fulda - GALLERY

13-14 August 2005
Méra Luna Festival Hildesheim
Journalist (mm) for
Reviews about concerts of "Diary of Dreams", "VNV Nation", "The Birthday Massacre"

20 August 2005
Model for „The Artists of Marquis “ in Erotic Art Museum, Hamburg.

July+August 2005
Seller in Store for Fetish Wear
"Absolute Danny"
on Reeperbahn, Hamburg.

June 2005
Passed „Intermediate Examination“ of my Illustration study at the University for Applied Sciences, "HAW Gestaltung", Hamburg
with "very good" :-)