Freitag, Oktober 31, 2008


Maria Mann will be performing with LADY BLOODY MARY at TOTENTANZ at Dynamo in Zürich/Switzerland on 31th December 2008!

Freitag, Oktober 10, 2008


Maria Mann will be performing with LADY BLOODY MARY at "Pandemonium Night" - with Eyes Shut Tight!

Date: Saturday, 22th November 2008
Time: 19:30
Ticket: 5 Euro
Location: KIR - Barnerstr. 16, 22765 Hamburg

Dienstag, September 02, 2008

Jahrmarkt der Eitelkeiten

The delayed concert of Lady Bloody Mary and Üebermutter finally TAKES PLACE!!!
Together with b.o.s.c.h. and much gothic/fetish/art-program at the Event Jahrmarkt der Eitelkeiten on 20th September 2008 in Catonium, Hamburg!
Maria Mann will be performing with Lady Bloody Mary.


Begin: 20:00 Uhr
Location: Catonium, Försterweg 163, 22525 Hamburg (S-Bahn Stellingen, BAB-Abfahrt Stellingen)
Tickets: VVK: 15,50 €, AK: 18,50 €, Party after concerts: 11,- €

Freitag, Mai 30, 2008

MASTER & SERVANT 31 May 2008

For the second time Maria Mann will screen a compilation of her works at the MASTER & SERVANT cosmosexual Play- and Dance Party!

Date: 31 May 2008
Begin: 22:00 - open end
Location: Indra Musikclub, Große Freiheit 64, Hamburg, Reeperbahn/ St.Pauli
Tickets: Vvk 13,-€, Ak 15,-€ incl. Welcomedrink

Mittwoch, April 16, 2008

2 Years Fetish Fantasies Birthday-Event DELIRIUM

Maria Mann is part of the Fetish Fantasies Crew for half a year now and - as always - active in various ways. She is writing for the Fetish Fantasies Magazine and other projects, proofreads and translates - as the spoken and written word is a deep passion for her. But she is also active as a visual and performing artist at Fetish Fantasies Events.
At the upcoming 2-Years-Birthday-Event DELIRIUM in Hamburg, she is creating a group of bizarre creatures – including herself – that will do several performances. At this event, Maria will also be part of the Carlos Perón Performance – the big opening of the Night!

When: 19 Apr 2008, 21:00
Where: CATONIUM, Försterweg 163, 22525 Hamburg, Germany

Click Here To View Event

Samstag, März 29, 2008

Freitag, Februar 08, 2008

A-Blaze Cover

Coverphoto King (Gorgoroth) on the 3rd issue of the metal magazine "A-Blaze".
Photo by Samira Alinto, Editing by Maria Mann

Some young Fans with a colour version of the image:

Donnerstag, Januar 31, 2008

Fetish Fantasies Magazine No. 11

Maria Mann’s Selfportrait „Snow Queen“ is the Cover of the new Fetish Fantasies Magazine No. 11 (Feb/Mar 2008).
The Victorian Riding Top Hat is a creation from Topsy Turvy Design.
You can download the Magazine for free on the Fetish Fantasies Websites, order Printversions and subscribe to it.
Also you can find an Artist Profile of Maria Mann there.

Fetish Fantasies Magazine
Fetish Fantasies on Myspace
Topsy Turvy Design
Topsy Turvy Design on Myspace