Sonntag, Oktober 29, 2006


New collaboration work of Maria Mann, Lady Bloody Mary
and Lilya Corneli in Circus Werona, Hamburg.
The beautiful hats are from Fiona Bennett, Berlin.
Soon more photos on here!

Maria Mann: Make-Up, Costumes, Model
Lady Bloody Mary: Model
Lilya Corneli: Photography

Freitag, Oktober 27, 2006

Elmshorner Nachrichten + Concert-Reviews

Maria Mann in "Elmshorner Nachrichten" from 28 September 2006.
Article from Melanie Haack about people and the music they want to be played on their funeral.
Have fun!

Furthermore Maria Mann and Melanie Haack visited the concerts of Dope Stars Inc. and ASP on Sunday, 22 October in Markthalle, Hamburg and wrote concert reviews with photos for, which you can read HERE!

ФОТОFUSION Group Exhibition II

The FОТОFUSION Group Exhibition of the photography magazine Masterskaya Digital Photo, published by Mediasign and curated by Katya Rykova, moves from Moscow to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Opening is October 27 - 18:00 o´clock at International Guild of Masters, 64 Marata Street.
The exhibition is co-sponsored by HP and Adobe and you can visit it daily from October 28 till November 3.
As last time there are shown early works of Lilya Corneli and works of the collaboration with Maria Mann.

More information about the exhibition HERE!
Who doesn´t understand russian, please contact me.

Montag, Oktober 23, 2006


Another publishing of Maria Mann and Lilya Corneli´s work in the issue 10 of the chinese magazine "Expression".
Have a look at the online version and order a printed version there.


Fairy Tales project of Maria Mann, Lilya Corneli and Maria Kapajeva in the estonian photo magazine "Cheese" with cover and comprehensive article!

Freitag, Oktober 20, 2006

Diessener Kurzfilmfestival 2006

We proudly announce, that the shortfilm "unzweins" of Maria Mann and Marco Reinbold (Headhole Productions) is nominated at the shortmoves-festival in "Diessen am Ammersee" near Munich. The festival will take place from 8-11 November. Ending with the big "film ball". The both film-makers will personally take part at the whole event.
More information and program on the website of the
"Diessener Kurzfilmfestival "!

Visit beautiful Diessen, enjoy the festival and vote for UNZWEINS!!!