Sonntag, August 18, 2013


Finally the "MODULUX – Design_Kultur_Hamburg" No. 03 is out!!! Digitally as well as printed, in german language and for free!
You find a feature about me and my work on page 12 – 17.
Furthermore articles i wrote:
* cover story photographer "Marion von der Mehden" (page 4 – 11)
* article "Fundus 51", a costume stock in Hamburg (page 22 – 24)

ENJOY and feel free to share!

Download the magazine-PDF by clicking on the cover:

Samstag, Mai 07, 2011

1000 Steampunk Creations & Steampunk Style Jewelry

Maria Mann's selfportrait "Snow Queen" with the Victorian Riding Top Hat by Topsy Turvy Design is featured on the cover and in a write up about Topsy Turvy Design in the book "1,000 Steampunk Creations" coming soon from Quarry Books!

Starting from 1. July 2011, you can buy it on Amazon:

Beside that, Maria Mann's selfportrait "Snow Queen" with the Victorian Riding Top Hat by Topsy Turvy Design is also featured in a write up about Topsy Turvy Design in the book "Steampunk Style Jewelry" by Jean Campbell (2009).

You can order it on Amazon:

Sonntag, April 10, 2011

The Art of Maria Mann @ Facebook

For all news and new works, please join "The Art of Maria Mann" on Facebook!

The Art of Maria Mann

Montag, April 04, 2011


Maria Mann wrote an article about stylist Birgit Szostak, which is featured in the second issue of Modulux Magazine (design_kultur_hamburg).

Download the magazine-PDF by clicking on the cover:

Samstag, April 02, 2011


Showcase and Interview with Maria Mann in April 2011 issue of N-Sphere! (clockwork showcase, page 54 - 71).

Download the magazine-PDF by clicking on the cover!

Sonntag, Februar 27, 2011

Exhibition @ The Catwalk of Art`n Fetish II

Maria Mann will exhibit some of her work at "The Catwalk of Art´n Fetish II" on 19th March 2011, beginning 21h in Catonium, Hamburg! Last year at the first event, she showed printed photoart, this year it will be a slideshow with much more of her versatile work.
Accompanying to her photoart, Maria Mann will attend the event as a living piece of art. Don´t miss her Art and "Real-Life-Performance"!

Mittwoch, Februar 03, 2010

Exhibition @ Catwalk of Art`n Fetish

Maria Mann will exhibit some of her work at the "Catwalk of Art´n Fetish" on 10th April 2010, beginning 21h in Catonium, Hamburg!
The artist will personally attend the event.
Be sure to be there!!!

Montag, Januar 18, 2010

Hello People!

Since needs a quite big relaunch, which will be realised as soon as possible, please stay up to date here:

Maria Mann @ MYSPACE
Maria Mann @ FACEBOOK
Maria Mann @ TWITTER

There you find news and new works!

Photo by Stefan Weeber,

Dienstag, September 01, 2009

Performance at "Nocturnal Culture Night 4"

Maria Mann performing with Lady Bloody Mary at Festival "Nocturnal Culture Night 4" in Deutzen near Leipzig on Saturday, 5th September 2009.
Don't miss our show "unzweins" at the MAIN STAGE, TIME: 12.35 - 13.05h!

Freitag, Oktober 31, 2008


Maria Mann will be performing with LADY BLOODY MARY at TOTENTANZ at Dynamo in Zürich/Switzerland on 31th December 2008!

Freitag, Oktober 10, 2008


Maria Mann will be performing with LADY BLOODY MARY at "Pandemonium Night" - with Eyes Shut Tight!

Date: Saturday, 22th November 2008
Time: 19:30
Ticket: 5 Euro
Location: KIR - Barnerstr. 16, 22765 Hamburg

Dienstag, September 02, 2008

Jahrmarkt der Eitelkeiten

The delayed concert of Lady Bloody Mary and Üebermutter finally TAKES PLACE!!!
Together with b.o.s.c.h. and much gothic/fetish/art-program at the Event Jahrmarkt der Eitelkeiten on 20th September 2008 in Catonium, Hamburg!
Maria Mann will be performing with Lady Bloody Mary.


Begin: 20:00 Uhr
Location: Catonium, Försterweg 163, 22525 Hamburg (S-Bahn Stellingen, BAB-Abfahrt Stellingen)
Tickets: VVK: 15,50 €, AK: 18,50 €, Party after concerts: 11,- €

Freitag, Mai 30, 2008

MASTER & SERVANT 31 May 2008

For the second time Maria Mann will screen a compilation of her works at the MASTER & SERVANT cosmosexual Play- and Dance Party!

Date: 31 May 2008
Begin: 22:00 - open end
Location: Indra Musikclub, Große Freiheit 64, Hamburg, Reeperbahn/ St.Pauli
Tickets: Vvk 13,-€, Ak 15,-€ incl. Welcomedrink

Mittwoch, April 16, 2008

2 Years Fetish Fantasies Birthday-Event DELIRIUM

Maria Mann is part of the Fetish Fantasies Crew for half a year now and - as always - active in various ways. She is writing for the Fetish Fantasies Magazine and other projects, proofreads and translates - as the spoken and written word is a deep passion for her. But she is also active as a visual and performing artist at Fetish Fantasies Events.
At the upcoming 2-Years-Birthday-Event DELIRIUM in Hamburg, she is creating a group of bizarre creatures – including herself – that will do several performances. At this event, Maria will also be part of the Carlos Perón Performance – the big opening of the Night!

When: 19 Apr 2008, 21:00
Where: CATONIUM, Försterweg 163, 22525 Hamburg, Germany

Click Here To View Event

Samstag, März 29, 2008

Freitag, Februar 08, 2008

A-Blaze Cover

Coverphoto King (Gorgoroth) on the 3rd issue of the metal magazine "A-Blaze".
Photo by Samira Alinto, Editing by Maria Mann

Some young Fans with a colour version of the image:

Donnerstag, Januar 31, 2008

Fetish Fantasies Magazine No. 11

Maria Mann’s Selfportrait „Snow Queen“ is the Cover of the new Fetish Fantasies Magazine No. 11 (Feb/Mar 2008).
The Victorian Riding Top Hat is a creation from Topsy Turvy Design.
You can download the Magazine for free on the Fetish Fantasies Websites, order Printversions and subscribe to it.
Also you can find an Artist Profile of Maria Mann there.

Fetish Fantasies Magazine
Fetish Fantasies on Myspace
Topsy Turvy Design
Topsy Turvy Design on Myspace

Donnerstag, Dezember 06, 2007

Rappacinis Daughter

Maria Mann is developping and doing the MakeUp for the Musical "Rappacini´s Daugther" based on a novel of Nathaniel Hawthorn, which is the latest project of the gothic band Aeternitas. The Musical will be recorded with audience on 15th December 2007 in Studio Hamburg. On 24th January 2008 is the official Premiere in Delphi Showpalast, Hamburg.

More detailed Info´s and Dates on:

Mittwoch, Dezember 05, 2007

Collaboration with MAIDE

Maide, Maria Mann and Lilya Corneli collaborated!

With the highly exclusive handmade spats of Maide (Munich, Germany), Maria Mann did several selfportraits and series with Lilya Corneli.

The results will be presented at Maide´s sales booth at the famous culture festival TOLLWOOD from 7th - 12th December 2007 in Munich, Germany.
For all who live in Munich: Don´t miss it!

Click here to view GALLERY !, Maide at Myspace

Samstag, Dezember 01, 2007

Exhibition in Zürich, Switzerland

Maria Mann and Anima Pompon exhibit works of their collaboration
"The Sir Winston Dandy Family"
from 8th December 2007 till 11th January 2008.
Puppets by Anet Strusinski and Pictures by Maria Mann will be shown.
The Vernissage takes place on Sat 8th December 3p.m. at
MAKING THINGS, Grüngasse 20, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland.
Both Artists personally will be there.

Freitag, November 02, 2007


On the ORKUS COMPILATION 34 you can hear Lady Bloody Mary's new song ballad "Staring Into Space" which is not officially released yet.
The compilation is published in the current November-edition of the Orkus Magazine (
Until November 15th there's going on a voting on the Orkus-Website (vote for Lady Bloody Mary and win a Dark Wave/Electro-CD):

In addition to that, the track from the up-coming album has its world premiere on myspace (

Lady Bloody Mary: " return will be like a raging headache..."

Check it out!!!

Freitag, Oktober 12, 2007


Maria Mann will enter the Runway for Absolute Danny on Sat, 20th October 07 at the EXTRAVAGANXA in Club Catonium in Hamburg!


Freitag, August 31, 2007

Film "My Make-Up"

Maria Mann took part at the film "My Make-Up",
a Make-Up-School by Lichtung Filmproduction.

Watch the TRAILER with Maria!

Freitag, August 24, 2007

Kinky Planet

Maria Mann will perform as the dreaded "Doorbitch" and do an artistically Walking Act in different special costumes at the KINKY PLANET event on 25th August 07 in PIT-Club, Hamburg!


Mittwoch, August 22, 2007

Collaboration with Topsy Turvy Design

Topsy Turvy Design, Maria Mann and Lilya Corneli collaborated!
With the high fashion hat creations of Topsy Turvy Design (Oakland, California, USA), Maria Mann did several selfportraits and series with Lilya Corneli.


Dienstag, Juli 10, 2007

Wooden Windows EP Release

On Friday, 13 July 2007 Lady Bloody Mary´s "Wooden Windows" EP, forerunner of the concept album "unzweins" (Publication in 2007) will be released.
We present (especially for Multimedia-Junkies): the "Wooden Windows" Microsite (Flash-Card) with Teaser Trailer and audiovisual content on

From 13 July on the "Wooden Windows" EP for first exclusively will be available in subSTORE for 8,99 € - and already can be ordered THERE!
If you have any questions, please send a message!

On the "Wooden Windows" EP Lady Bloody Mary presents three songs from the upcoming album "unzweins". In addition there are Industrial Dance Mixes of "Wooden Windows" from subHUMAN, the Wooden Video, a Trailer for the experimental shortfilm "unzweins", pictures, wallpaper...
The "Wooden Windows" EP has a large, coloured cover and an 8-page-black/white-booklet in a DVD case as special edition.

So hurry up and grap your exemplar of this rare piece of Art!

Wooden Windows (Album Version)
Middlefinger Opera
Wooden Windows (subHUMAN Club Mix)
Wooden Windows (subHUMAN Radio Mix)
Wooden Windows (Zombie Shit Mix)

Wooden Windows (Video)
Flash Foto Galerie
"unzweins" Video Trailer

Montag, Juli 09, 2007


End of 9th Semester „Illustration“ at University for Applied Sciences, Department Design HAW Gestaltung, Hamburg.

The big opening is on Wednesday, 11th July 2007, 18:00/6pm in the auditorium (first floor), Armgartstraße 24, 22087 Hamburg.

Visit the exhibition in our both buildings:
Wartenau 15 (Illustration, Film and Trickfilm, Typography, Drawing, Colour and Form, Print Technology),
Armgartstraße 24 (Photography, Drawing, Communications Design, Fashion and Costume Design, Film, Colour and Form)

Opening Times:
On Thursday, 12th and Friday, 13th: 12:00/12am - 21:00/9pm
and on Saturday, 14th and Sunday, 15th: 11:00/11am - 19:00/7pm

For more detailled information please contact me!

Samstag, Juni 30, 2007

Concert Reviews

Maria Mann wrote reviews for Stalker Magazine about concerts of
Dope Stars Inc. | Entwine | Jesus On Extasy.
The event took place on 23 May 2007 in Logo, Hamburg.
Look at Maria´s Journalist-Profile on Stalker !

Furthermore Maria Mann and Marco Reinbold wrote reviews for Stalker Magazine about concerts of
Syqem | Philiae
The event took place at 29 June 2007 in Knust, Hamburg.

Enjoy !

Samstag, Juni 02, 2007

"Vision und Wahn" DUNCKER (Berlin) on 3 June!

On sunday, 3 June will take place the event "Vision und Wahn" in "Duncker", Berlin.
There will be a reading of Dirk Bernemann "Ich hab die Unschuld kotzen sehen", the shortfilm "unzweins" of Maria Mann and Lady Bloody Mary will be shown and an accustic Performance of Lady Bloody Mary will take place.

Freitag, Juni 01, 2007



Work of Maria Mann and Lilya Corneli with interview of Lilya will appear in June issue of Ukrainian Photography Magazine dFOTO.
You can view the whole article "HERE!"

Sonntag, Mai 13, 2007

Maria Mann on Bookcover!

"Eine namenlose junge Frau in der Gerichtsmedizin ist für Maura Isles nichts Ungewöhnliches. Doch als die Pathologin den Leichensack öffnet, schlägt die scheinbar Tote plötzlich die Augen auf. Maura fährt die unterkühlte Frau sofort ins Krankenhaus. Doch kaum hat die Unbekannte sich erholt, tötet sie einen Wachmann und nimmt die hochschwangere Detective Jane Rizzoli als Geisel. Als Maura und Janes Ehemann zu ermitteln beginnen, mischen sich plötzlich Vertreter von Bundesbehörden ein. Sie wollen die Geiselnahme schnell beenden - und gefährden dabei nicht nur die Täterin..."

416 Seiten, Gebunden mit Schutzumschlag

You can buy this book in "Bertelsmann Club"!


Exhibition of Lilya Corneli and Oleg Dou in Brussels, Belgium from 7 June till 1 July in Gallery "Espace Art 22

FOTOFUSION moves to Kiev, 16-19 May, 2007.
This exhibition is part of the 5th International Kiev Fotofair which will take place at the International Exhibitional Centre in Kiev. Works of three artists will be exhibitied there: "Lilya Corneli", "Darren Holmes", "Anne McAulay"

DIGITAL PAINTING - When Pixels Come to Life
Group exhibition with Lilya Corneli in "LUMAS" Berlin & Lumas Soho, NY :

LUMAS Berlin - Hackesche Höfe . Rosenthaler Straße 40/41 . 10178 Berlin . Germany
Opening on Friday, April 13 2007, 7-9pm

LUMAS Editions Gallery New York - SoHo . 77 Wooster Street . 10012 New York . NY . USA
Opening on Thursday, May 10 2007, 6-8pm

Dienstag, März 20, 2007

Rennschwein Rudi Rüssel 2

Maria Mann and Jenny Harbauer created title and credits-design for the children´s film "Rennschwein Rudi Rüssel 2"
(Warner Brothers/Relevant Film) directed by Peter Timm.
The film started recently on 8th of March in german cinema.
Part of their work is a little animated trickfilm, which shows real pigs in illustrated and animated nature sceneries.
With this mixture of real- and trickfilm they created a colourful world with many details and little stories to explore.

Download a free "SCREENSAVER" (Downloads)!

More about the film on !

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Design) wrote an ARTICLE about Maria Mann and Jenny Harbauer!

Freitag, Februar 16, 2007

ELEGY No. 46

Maria Mann and Lilya Corneli on and in the french magazine ELEGY No. 46!
Including Cover, Photos and an extensive interview.
Check it oooouuuuuuut!

ELEGY on Myspace
BUY Elegy here!

Mittwoch, Dezember 20, 2006


Maria Mann´s Artshop
offers new T-Shirts! Check in and read more about it!
You can also send a MAIL for individual requests.

Sonntag, Dezember 03, 2006

Untold Stories

Lilya Corneli exhibits early work and collaboration work with Maria Mann.
Opening is 8 December, 19:00.
Gallery T Studio, Vlasska 13/591, 118 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic.

More information HERE!